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The Android TV won a version compatible with PCs x86 . The novelty, however, did not come from the hands of Google , but user “Geek Till it Hertz”, the same that had already adapted the system for the Raspberry Pi.

In practice, this means that we can install, of course without the official support of Google, the operating system in any PC of platform Intel or AMD and turn them into true centers media household.

Remember that the original Android design was intended to run only on architecture-based devices ARM , ie, smartphones, tablets and mobile devices in general. Later, Google came up to add official support for some mobile processors from Intel, but until then, the architecture x86 did not call much attention of the company. From there began to emerge known projects such as the Android-x86, and more recently, the Remix OS, both facing the use of Android in traditional PCs.

Apparently, most of the system operating is already running, all thanks to the early work of “Geek Till it Hertz”. A second build of the adapted version of Android TV is already described those responsible as “almost ready” for the common user.

In the video below we can see that the system interface, the Wi-Fi and the settings menu are working – even some apps can now be installed without any problem. For now, the only app that still has some errors is YouTube.

The ability to run Android TV on the x86 architecture can open doors to new devices come standard with the system pre-installed. Who want to venture, a video tutorial teaches you how to install the system on any PC:

Via: Geek Till it Hertz